App focus: WordPress


Simply put, WordPress is awesome. It’s simple to use for the user and yet has a  very powerful backend architecture.  The popular app has been around for years and is still in active development. This ensures that it is kept up to date with bug fixes and a constant mitigation to vulnerabilities.

So with that as a starting point, what can you do with WordPress? Well, out of the box it is a wonderful blogging tool. It is pretty much the go-to blogging tool in my opinion. That’s what it was designed for and it continues to be it’s primary purpose.

But many people have discovered that it’s powerful CMS backend and highly customizable templating system allows for it to be transformed from a blogging platform to a complete website management platform with the blogging part completely hidden. In fact you may be surprised just how many websites that you frequently visit are actually built on WordPress.

So whether you want a simple blog or a complex website, why not give WordPress a try. It’s a simple push of a button option here at Westlinks Online. We install it on a server of your choice and configure your domain name to it (existing or new one) and you will have your WordPress site set up and ready to go in just a few minutes.

Become a Member

Like many platforms, there are many features and functions available to logged in members that are otherwise invisible. One of the obvious features available to members-only on Westlinks Online is the ability to search for domain names.

Additionally, members automatically get a dashboard which provides detailed visibility to all services in their account including access to invoices and transaction histories.

The user profile allows members to upload an avatar to provide some identity and manage personal information such as mail preferences and credit card info (coming soon).

For those members who have active services such as servers with websites and domain names, you will see your inventory listed throughout the site giving you instant feedback wherever you are.

So please sign up today  and take full advantage of the platform and all its features. Plus, signing up is totally free! We welcome your feedback and feature requests. Please send us a note in the contact section.

A New Westlinks Online

We are proud to announce a brand new Westlinks Online website. Thanks to the hard work of our development and design team, our platform is stronger than ever and has a great new look.

Originally built on Laravel 5.2, Talgat, our skilled Laravel developer started by upgrading the back-end from 5.2 -> 5.3 -> 5.4. This involved identifying and resolving several expected upgrade-related issues. Finally he did a thorough line-by-line review and refactoring operation which resulted in a cleaner, more efficient codebase.

While the backend was being done, Maria our talented UI designer delivered this striking new layout/design which we think presents our products and services with a much nicer look and feel.

So as we settle into the new look take a short breather, many plans are already in place to improve many of the existing features and add new ones. We invite you to explore the platform and discover all the fun things you can do!

UPDATE 2-Sep-2017: When Laravel version 5.5 was released during the last week of August, 2017 we did that upgrade as well which also involved upgrading PHP to version 7.x.