Things We Love About The Cloud

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What is “in the Cloud”?

We may not have noticed it until now, but the cloud is always there. Though, many still have reservations about this technology. It is our innate fear of giving out information that’s holding us back. What others don’t realize is that cloud computing impacts our everyday life.

The Cloud is everywhere. Our daily interactions happen online. We use the cloud when we post and share images and videos on our social media networks. It is there when we send emails through Gmail, or when we call our friends on Skype and on WhatsApp. Our day-to-day activities rely on the cloud. We do bill payments, online shopping, banking and even book flights on the internet.

Simply put, when we use the internet, we are in the cloud!

Cloud is not a fad, it will not die down any day soon. In fact, an article from Forbes mentioned a projected increase of $162 billion for cloud computing in 2020. Small and big businesses are now moving their operations to the cloud.

What’s not to love?

It eases communication.

Interactions get done anytime and anywhere as long as there is an online connection. People will not miss out on anything or on anyone. Companies get to bring their remote employees together and be updated.

It offers flexibility.

Gone are the days where we can only go online using the computer. Now in the cloud, we can access applications and our data on smartphones or mobile devices.

For businesses, several hosting providers offer different plans. A company can custom-fit a plan suitable for their business needs. Then, later upgrade if they need more space and bandwidth or even increase speed.

It is automated.

Cloud computing makes data management a walk in the park. Access to data is only a swipe or tap of a finger away.

It is cost effective.

Companies save on hardware and maintenance spending. It is also time-efficient since cloud computing is easier and faster to deploy.

The transition to a remote operation is beneficial to a company and its employees. The company spends less on office expenditures. At the same time, employees enjoy the benefits of telecommuting.

It makes collaboration effortless.

Before, project planning and monitoring were done in face to face meetings and emails. This made it hard when schedules did not match or inboxes were flooded with updates. Cloud collaboration and project management tools allow team members to collaborate easily and efficiently. They get the project done faster together.  

It promotes remote operation.

Several years ago, nobody would think that a business of any size could move its operation to the internet, more so, have its entire employee workforce work remotely. Companies like Zapier have done it.So can others!

Cloud is on the rise. As a business gets bigger, data gets bigger. A company can get the bulk of its data stored and managed safely in the cloud through the many cloud hosting providers. Here at Westlinks Online, we specialize in efficiently managing cloud services for companies. Whether you are just getting started or have an existing infrastructure, we are here to assist you. Let us do the hard part while you have peace of mind running your business.