How to Install WordPress the Easy Way

We live in an exciting time where most everybody reads blogs, owns blogs, or would love to own a blog. But for the longest time, their attempts were thwarted by what platform they should use that would give them the most benefits. That is, until now! With all the innovative and wonderful technologies happening around us, there are a lot of good blogging and CMS platforms lying at our fingertips. And to add a cherry on top, these applications are open source, meaning, they are free. They just have to install the software and, voila! They can start using their blog instantly.

One of the most familiar blogging products out there is WordPress. As this platform has been dubbed as the most popular content management system, I am sure everybody and their mother has been hearing great things about it. WordPress started as just a blogging platform popular among bloggers and novice users, but through its straightforward and customizable templating system, it eventually transformed into a complete CMS platform.

Installing WordPress takes only a little time. What with their famous 5-minute install technology feature, you would think you suddenly turned into an installation ninja! To install the app, you need a web host which supports WordPress’ requirements:

    1. PHP: version 7.2 or greater
   2. HTTPS support
   3. MySQL: version 5.6 or greater

Steps to installing WordPress depends on your host. It usually takes a few clicks here and there, hit the one-click installer, and set up your domain settings.

It may not be rocket science but there is no guarantee you will not hit bumps along the way.

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